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birthday surprises

I know this isn’t a paper or party related post… but it is my birthday so I am allowed to go off track right?!

I love birthdays – my friend’s birthdays, my family’s birthdays… I think everyone deserves days to feel special. When life gets too busy for us to remind eachother – a birthday is the perfect excuse to celebrate!  My husband tells me he knows I love April 1st because it is the start of my “bday month”… he might be right.

I have to admit I get caught up in the to do list mentality and when birthdays come around I wonder how another year passed and I didn’t accomplish x, y or z?!

Today for some reason I am feeling different about things.  I might not be exactly where I pictured, but I also didn’t picture a lot of the wonderful things around me… and I don’t think I would trade anything.

The thing I might love most next to birthdays are surprises.  Today I decided I am happy with all the unexpected surprises life has handed me!

I thought growing family would just come through kids… that will come! … but for now I love that growing family means new sister-in-laws at every turn!

When we are younger our friends are people we have everything in common with… I love that I am surrounded by some wonderful friends who couldn’t be more different than me but have qualities I am inspired by every single day.

I always pictured a dream house from the outside… not realizing how much I would appreciate the person on the other side of the door at the end of every day once I went inside.

A job was 9 to 5… I love that I have late nights where I never want to turn off my work mode.

A visit at a coffee shop was to speed things up… now it is a moment to slow down.

Party décor came from a store… now from my heart.

Paper used to come wide ruled or college ruled… now there is paper for every occasion, in every shape size and color!

Invitations stated the facts… now they set the stage.

Some things are big, some are small but I love and appreciate everyone and everything I have come across in the past 32 years.  And for today I am going to appreciate exactly where I am right at this moment and not look at that to do list once.

Happy day to everyone… even if it isn’t your birthday celebrate you!

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