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a little invitation prep goes a long way

So I have to admit up front that I didn’t exactly take my own advice on this one – hence #5!  As we gathered around the kitchen island last night assembling my brother & future sis-in-law’s wedding invitations I thought… we probably could have done some of this ahead of time!  But even though we didn’t, it was a fun night of wine and twine with family old and new giving us another reason to get together and celebrate the exciting event happening in just 50 days!!

Adding unique details to your invitations is a way to make them your own – but it can also become a time consuming venture.  On invitation #50 you might start regretting choosing to add that extra flair.  The finished result is so worth the effort, so don’t give up – a few ideas to keep the project an enjoyable one!

1. PREP IN ADVANCE:  One way to avoid invitation remorse is to do as much in advance as possible.  You will probably have to wait for the actual invite pieces from a printer, but if you are adding any extra touches like ribbon or other embellishments cut them to size in advance and have them ready to go.

2. GATHER ADDRESSES:  Get all those odds and ends addresses from people.  If you need lists from family members try to give them some time to gather them together and get them back to you.

3. ADDRESS ENVELOPES:  If you are addressing your envelopes yourself – see if you can get them in advance of the inserts.  It is much easier to address without the contents inside.  If you are having calligraphy done you will be able to get them to the calligrapher ahead of time so you have everything back at once to assemble.

4. RSVPs:  Address & stamp the RSVP envelopes – they will be ready to insert.

5. ADD FRIENDS & FAMILY:  Maybe you didn’t get to the prep you planned on – no big deal!  Make it fun – have an “invitation celebration” and enlist your family, bridesmaids, friends – basically whoever is willing and get the assembly line going.  People don’t need to be crafty to have parts of this job.  Things move so much quicker with conversation and laughs in the background.

Food and wine are always a fun addition – but make sure you keep the invites out of the spill zone!  And switch jobs – a fresh set up eyes on a task gives new perspective.  Lets just say the second half of preparing the ties went twice as fast so lesson learned!

Enjoy the satisfaction of dropping those finished invites at the post office, and the fun of waiting for the RSVPs in your mailbox begins!

S.W.A.K. xoxo

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One thought on “a little invitation prep goes a long way

  1. It was great!!! Monika, Erika and Brittany – thank you for making it fun and all the good food and wine – I hope we can find things to do together after the big day 🙂

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