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stumbling upon little joys

My apologies for being missing in action… I promise I have a good excuse!!  My husband and I just returned from an amazing trip to Italy.  I have to confess while we had a no work policy for 3 weeks – I might have snuck some franny bee thoughts in now and again.  I couldn’t help but be inspired by the beautiful surroundings at every turn!  I can’t wait to incorporate these new ideas into upcoming designs.

Our first night in Florence we were roaming the streets as the city slowed down, and we stumbled upon what I thought was the cutest little paper store I had ever seen!  I would soon find out there were multiple locations and my husband affectionately deemed the store “the Paper Source of Italy”.  I didn’t care… I still loved its quaint nature and unique products and wanted to pop into every one we stumbled upon!

The entire country is full of amazing artwork everywhere you look even in places you don’t expect.  In these little paper stores I was reminded of a lost art I admit I used to be much better at… writing a good old-fashioned letter.  Not an email, not a note or birthday card, not a postcard… but a multi paged letter to a friend or relative.  I know busy lives and convenience have a lot to do with it, but I wonder what it would feel like to get an actual letter in the mail these days?

The shops were full of beautiful journals, cards and fun things.  One thing that jumped out at me were the packages of writing paper.  Actual full sheets, some hand painted with beautiful designs ready to be filled with your thoughts and stories!  I bought some with the best of letter writing intentions in mind, but it might be hard to let some of these one of a kind papers out of my  possession!

Who haven’t you caught up with in a while?  Take a few extra minutes and make their mailbox smile.

hand-painted marble paper from a little shop in Venice – La Ricerca

Coming home was bitter-sweet, but I am excited about all the inspiration I brought with me and can’t wait to share it with all of you!

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