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One person’s interpretation of “eggplant” is another person’s “plum” or “aubergine” – and to most guys all of the above are known as “purple”. When I chose my color scheme I had to be careful to make sure to explain these differences so my husband didn’t think we were having a Lakers themed wedding!

It may sound silly but the first place I send people hesitant about picking colors is the paint department of their local hardware store. There are endless possibilities to look through, and it also removes that risk of misinterpretting everyone’s description of color. In fact, I recommend grabbing a few paint chips to share with any vendors you are working with who may add an element of color to the day. Right down to a caterer who might create a menu for you… better safe than sorry.

A few other color thoughts to consider…

  • Don’t feel stuck with that one color of your bridesmaid dresses or the main flower in your centerpieces. Choosing a color palette is going to allow you to bring colors in and out throughout the event without overpowering things.
  • Work with your invitation designer to determine if your printed materials should be on white, off-white or ivory colored stock. Colors can change when printed on each of the above so something to keep in mind so there are no surprises!
  • If there are metallic elements to your day through centerpieces etc – are you leaning towards silver, gold, bronze, chrome, black?
  • Don’t forget about the elements already at the venue. Not that they have to match exactly, but you don’t want to clash so keep things in the back of your mind.
  • Have fun! Adding color to your event is a way to bring in your personality… the possibilities are endless!

I personally started with an idea of what kinds of flowers I wanted. I loved that flowers where colors fade in and out of the petals – purple and green hydrangeas were my inspiration. My florist found beautiful roses that had the same effect for an outcome that was perfect for my vision! This range of colors really gave me the overall palette for the day. Pulling out the eggplant for the bridesmaid dresses, flower girl and paper detail embellishments. Cream and gold tied in as undertones and accents. I was lucky that our venue had green hues that complimented all of these colors… who am I kidding… it was a huge selling point going into choosing the location!

If you haven’t figured it out already, you will soon discover I might be a bit obsessed with colors and details.

Some photos from the end result…

Wedding Invitations & Detail Design: franny bee designs / Wedding Photography: JennaBeth Photography / Flowers: Our Sweet Williams / Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop

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